Customers today have lots to choose from when purchasing a product or service, and the insurance industry is no exception. And as with many purchase decisions, it often seems like you have to sacrifice one thing you value – like personalized service – to gain something else you need – such as an affordable policy. At Huntington Insurance, we believe we offer our customers the best of both worlds.

We are a highly knowledgeable team with a combined 40 plus years of experience in the insurance industry.

You can trust that we are working 100% of the time on behalf of our customers and will always be honest and forthright with you. In fact, we spend more time making sure our customers are knowledgeable about their personal and business insurance products than on anything else. We encourage our customers to think of insurance as they do any other large purchase; you should know exactly what you are getting for your money, not just the bells and whistles, but also what’s in the fine print.

“Huntington Insurance has been covering our personal and family business insurance for over thirty years. My father and Tom’s father started doing business in 1979. Since then we have continued our relationship to the next generation with myself and Tom. Huntington Insurance has always had our best interest in mind and they are always helpful, knowledgeable and reliable when we needed them.”
~ Mr. Dana S., Brockton, MA

What has been surprising and refreshing to many customers is that, at Huntington Insurance, they can experience extraordinary one-on-one attention while also having a wide variety of choices at the best prices. We have developed strong partnerships with the top carriers in the industry in order to find you the insurance policies for your auto, home, watercraft or business that are the best fit for your needs, at the most competitive rates.


Tom Libertini, President

Tom joined Huntington Insurance in 1985 to work with his father who had purchased the agency. Tom spent the next ten years learning everything and anything about insurance from his father, and so it was a seamless transition to his ownership in 1995 when his dad retired. Born and raised in Braintree, MA, Tom graduated from UNH with a degree in environmental conservation and a minor in forestry. He continues to enjoy the outdoors with his four dogs and is an avid fisherman. Come by the office any weekday to talk with Tom and you’re also likely to see his wife Julie, who is the agency’s bookkeeper and computer whiz, and their 5-year old English Setter, “Otis”.
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Diane Heaney, Account Manager

Diane is a longtime Huntington Insurance employee, having been with the company since 2002. She is well known for having a memory like an elephant. If you are a Huntington customer you have probably been amazed by her recollection of not only your name and the names of your family members, but also what kind of vehicle you own, your home address, and where you work. Knowing her customers so well gives Diane the ability to provide them with the optimal support for all of their insurance needs. Outside of the office, Diane and her husband are huge NASCAR fans, driving to races at Pocono, Daytona, and Louden every year. She also transforms into a Soccer Mom on the weekends and is her son’s biggest fan.
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